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Why do bright and white kitchens seem to be the trend these days? Or is it the fact that some designs are timeless?    

Below are a few tips for you when considering creating a “bright and airy” theme for your kitchen renovation.  

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  • Creating a Sense of Space
    • In Vancouver, Metro-Vancouver, smaller spaces are common.  
    • Designing white kitchens creates a sense of space so that the addition of smaller appliances does not clutter the much-needed counter spaces for preparing meals or for entertainment.
  • Convenience & Clean
    • Bright, White Kitchens and the matching appliances that go with them are usually easy to maintain and clean
    • Fashionably appliance trends include a splash of colour but the mass production of metal and stainless steel may lose its lustre, whereas white has staying power.
  • Playing with Light
    • Add various light fixtures such as a feature light and/or rope LED lights under or above cabinets 
    • See our Pinterest board on Lighting Ideas
  • Compliment with Colour
    • Not every white kitchen is all white
    • Counters, backsplash, and cabinetry can be ways to bring in colour to brighten a space
      • Consider light green or cool blues shades of colour
    • Add Colour via Countertops
      • Quartz or Large Format Tile Countertops work to contrast your white space/decor
      • Patterned Tile Countertops (Hexagon. Modern Square, or Hand Made Tiles) 
      • Rustic Tiles are a great option to add to the timeless feel
      • Concrete (custom or DIY) creates a modern feel and functionality
  • Fixate on Fixtures
    • Selecting your colours and themes via fixtures
    • From Knob to the Kitchen Faucet, there are many possibilities and shade of brass, copper, gold, silver to pick from and more
  • Design with Hidden Storage and Refrigeration in Mind
    • Who doesn’t like having more counter space? 
    • Fridges under encounters are both extremely functional and trending
      • Wine Cooler
      • Perishables Storage
  • Bring in Nature or Colour via Flooring
    • Cork Flooring is comfortable,  hypo-allergenic, and full of colour possibilities
    • Darker colours (woods, tiles, etc) compliment white cabinetry
    • Light hardwood floors are a great choice (just avoid if the shades are too yellow)
    • White, Shades of Whiet, and Grey are always Fitting
  • Special Touch and Staging
    • Shopping at Stores for Accessories is a fun way to accent your white kitchen
    • See our ideas board