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Bringing warmth to your home can take many shapes and forms.  The kitchen is one area that requires some conceptual thinking and planning.  

Whether you cook a lot or not, the kitchen is more than a place to prepare meals, it’s where people gather.     

Below are a few tips for you when considering creating “warmth” for your kitchen renovation.  

Visit our home transformation stories in our portfolio for ideas.

Enjoy the Pinterest boards that our clients use. Imagine the possibilities.

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  • Bring in the Natural
    • To create a “cozy” kitchen
      • Use natural elements such as wood for flooring, cabinets and ceiling is a great one to consider.
      • Installing Natural/Wooden Beams or stripping current ones and staining them with a warm accent
        • This adds to what was once a plain white ceiling
      • Combine rustic elements with your modern updates on appliances such as the fixtures you put on your cabinets
      • Update your appliances with natural cabinets (faux or real wood) look that camouflage your refrigerator (Visit the Samsung Appliance Design Page)
      • Pair Hardwood floors with other elements such as seating and countertops that have the same natural look
      • Contrast Bright Cabinet with a Kitchen Island that has a dark, wooden tone
      • Accent a kitchen with wooden counter tops and even a range hood (see Pinterest Board)
      • When renovation is done:
        • use natural accents for trays, containers, table runners
        • add life, plants and greenery
        • Add a rug in areas you land or stand for a long time
  • Bring Warmth through Colour (see Better Homes article) and Light
    • Picking the right colour to balance your kitchen look is important
      • Consider Using Colour for walls and cabinetry
      • Warmth is not restricted to “warm colour tones” 
        • Cool colours such as green and blue can bring a sense of warmth when designed with the the the rest of the elements in your space
    • Light changes throughout the day, thus: 
      • Test your colours with samples on where your wall or cabinets will be for the right choice
    • Selecting the Hanging Lighting fixtures brings focal points to your space
      • In the evening, the ceiling will naturally dim, creating a sense of intimacy in the space
      • Adding dimmer features to your lighting is a must
  • Bring in Stone
    • Brick, Stone, and Marble elements that are darker or earth-toned can warm up a space
    • Cement countertops and sinks merge rustic with modern
      • New ways of personalizing with concrete can warm a space
  • Bring Farm to Home to Your Space

It’s not about following the trend of barn doors or reclaimed wood tables.  It is thinking about the rustic elements of homes past or old world that you can use to accent your space.   These features can be the anchor theme to the kitchen or it can be an accent that adds charm to your home.    See our farm-to-home ideas here.