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Unique Renovation Ideas including a Touchless Toilet

Technology has truly advanced the finishes and furnishings that can make unique renovations truly special. Trending online in the area of remodel and design has been some chat about the touchless flush kit by Kohler. Now here at Sasen, we aren’t much for potty-talk. It isn’t very often though, that we see anyone get that exited about the toilet portion of a renovation, but technology has changed that. The fact that technology has made toilets a noteworthy design topic is pretty amazing. We have in fact, installed the Kohler Numi toilet, described as the “Ferrari of toilets” with the addition of heat, music and lighting.

Design is now such an important aspect of so many common place fixtures. But these interesting design components often come with unique installation requirements. Some, like this no touch flush kit, are manageable. Others can be a DIY nightmare. The reality is, the less a product has been tried and tested, the more knowledge and experience required  to properly install these various components and ensure they are going to fit seamlessly into your design plan while allowing for installation modifications.

When planning your renovation, be wild; choose some interesting finishes and fixtures. If your contractor is really as skilled as they say they are, they won’t shy away from these projects. Experienced renovators will, however, prepare you for any modifications and additional costs required for any unique or uncommon finishings. Be imaginative and talk to your designer about your dreams. A renovation isn’t a time to throw caution to the wind, but it is the time to get what you really want and if it’s a fancy toilet, such as the one we installed on a past project, then go for it! Whether it’s a wine room, a custom cigar case, a media room or a kayak shed, make sure you are getting what you want.

Be bold, and by all means, be germ free! That’s well worth a little potty talk!

We will update you when we have more feedback on this new gadget, but for now, take a look at the ad: