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Ovation Award Finalists, Cinderella Study Renovation

Office Renovation

Sasen Renovations is excited to be amongst the ranks of our most skilled peers as one of the Ovation Award finalists. We thought we would share some of the story about how this project came to be:

Purpose of the project:

To turn a tiny spare room that became a haven for junk storage into a usable and magical study land for two sisters. The room is located in the basement of the home and so it was important to make the room cozy and warm in order to make the most use out of it.

The Scope of work (redacted):

  • Install custom day bed with one off valence and coffered barrel vaulted canopy
  • Install two custom desks
  • Fabricate and install one hanging barn door
  • Panel and refinish walls
  • Install wall covering and heritage trim
  • Install ornamental additions including pulls, handles, cover plates etc. and theme specific lighting

The Key Features of the job:

The door: Our past blog post covers this door and how it was created. The door was salvaged from 100% recycled 2X6 Douglas Fir. This came from a renovation project of a colleague on the North Shore. Originally, this wood was part of the framing in a 70 year old home. The material was then hand crafted by Matthew Senf and finished by our designer, Lucy Tartaglia. For a video, visit our blog post How to Reclaim Wood Barn Door.

The Walls: The base of the walls are trimmed out with an overheight baseboard and a thin profile, beaded wainscoting topped with a heritage cap rail. All the wood panel and trim have been finished with a three-part antiquing process comprised of base coat, distressed top coat and pigmented glaze finish to give the whole room a patina of well lived in warmth. A heavily patterned and theme specific wall paper makes up the balance of the field of wall topped off by a 4″ roman Ogee crown moulding painted and antiqued to match the millwork.

The Desks: These desks, and their accompanying chairs, were rescued from being thrown away. The chairs had some appliqué details added and were recovered to match the day bed. The desks, once appliqué, moulding and routered details were added, were antiqued and finished with the same patina and technique as the wall panelling, trim and millwork.

We want to thank Lucy for her hard work on this project and congratulate her as well. Thank you also to all of our subtrades who worked with us on this room to create a masterpiece out of a small space.

What do the kids think?

“The room is very warm and cozy…it’s fun to do our homework there now and to hang out with our friends.”

Mission accomplished!

Ovation Awards Finalists Before Image:

Sasen Ovation Award Finalist

After Photos of the Cinderella Study:

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