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How to Communicate Your Vision

Do you find yourself in the situation where you know what you want, but you can’t quite communicate it?!

We have found that it is easiest for all parties involved if you can gather as many pictures of what you are envisioning. We know it can be tough to communicate or describe the details of the features that you are looking to build without knowing the technical lingo to describe it. Describing features with descriptions like “thingy” or  “like rounded ridges” or “handles that you can turn” may generalize the idea, but to be sure that you are building or buying what you want, pictures speak a thousand words, even the technical words!

Check us out on Houzz.com. This site is useful in that you can browse through thousands of pictures in their database by room categories or style or however you set the search. Even more useful is the ideabook function, where you can save these pictures and share with your husband and us, your general contractor!

How do you like Houzz.com? Was it useful?