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Sasen Renovations becomes a Georgie Award Finalist

Sasen Renovations has become a Georgie Award finalist! Sasen has been repeatedly producing high standards of craftsmanship and our hard work is soon to pay off! Two of our recent projects have now been contended as finalists in two separate categories that will hopefully become award winning projects. The renovations include both interior renovations and an exterior renovation portion.

Becoming a Georgie Award finalist is our dream becoming a reality. It seems dreams come full circle. We know exactly how our clients feel when we bring their dream homes into reality. As we have grown and developed Sasen Renovations into the balanced, consistent and reputable renovation company it is now, we are grateful to see more and more happy clients enjoying their dream home. We have worked side by side with them to build these dream homes and our clients to come will know how hard we work to make our renovation projects and our company something to be exceptionally proud of.

Tune in for the upcoming results of the Georgie Awards. Below is one of our New West Renovations that is a contender for the Best Residential Renovation under 300k.

New West phase one-20-Edit
New Westminster Georgie Award Finalist before








July 18th 2013
Heritage Renovation Georgie Award Finalist after







This was only the exterior! This renovation is a heritage renovation and as such, required a lot of considerations. The homeowners wanted to turn their home into something that would be true to its character while modernizing and making the required adjustments. In doing so, of course, we focused on the practical aspects bringing it up to code, while refining the esthetic aspects. The exterior design elements flowed into the inside renovation, allowing the home to maintain continuity between both, while bridging the divide between modern and heritage.